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If you ask the youth today about their biggest challenge that they face post their education, the unanimous answer would be- to look for an appropriate job as per their qualifications and education. And that is right too.

In spite of having several job opportunities around, people are often dissatisfied and unhappy with their own jobs and are constantly looking for a new venture. The reason being simple- there is no match in the qualifications of the person and the nature of job he is doing, which leaves him looking for newer options. And thus, the need of Pole emploi arises.


Employment center

The basic objective of an employment center is to match the skills and qualifications of a job seeker with the company’s or the employer’s requirements. In such a case both the employer or the company and the job seeker manage to get exactly what they are looking for without wasting any of the resources like- time or money.

The employer is responsible to pay the fees to such employment centers so the person looking for the job has no added cost on himself.

Types of Services:

There are generally two types of services that are provided by such employment centers or employment agencies. They are:

  1. Recruitment services- Such services help to look for qualified candidates for a particular job opening that is-
  • Permanent
  • Full time

The agencies screen the qualified candidates and refer them further to the employer for consideration, if they find them suitable. The benefits of using such services are-


  • The candidate is able to reach a job opening that was not advertised at all.
  • The employment agency does all the necessary work for both the employer and the job seeker.

The firms providing such services are also called executive search firm or headhunters.

  1. Staffing Services- Under these services, the agency helps the candidates to look for short term or temporary positions. As soon as the candidate finishes his first assignment with one employer, the agency looks for another suitable assignment for him. The agencies providing such services are also known as contract firms. The benefits of using such services are-
  • It helps a person gain experience.
  • It improves networking.
  • It can be a good source of income while the candidate looks for a full time job.
  • Such jobs help in seeking better jobs.

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