Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

People knew real struggle in the olden days when they had to knock on several doors to get their first job. It was not uncommon for young boys in lower-middle-class families to do odd jobs in their free time to supplement their parents’ income. With the advent of Internet, earning money has become that easy. There’s no real struggle involved as you can work from anywhere, at any time, all at your own convenience. One such easy source of income on the internet is the work from home data entry jobs. There are no actual pre-requisites it. You could be unemployed, or freshly graduated, or a housewife who is looking to kill some time at home. Anyone who desperately needs a job and knows how to handle a computer can do it.

There are many different kinds of work from home data entry jobs out there. The work from home data entry jobs are divided into two types:


  • Online
  • Offline

Online jobs require you to have a dedicated internet connection from wherever you wish to work. However, offline jobs do not require an internet connection; the work can be done offline and can be uploaded later.

The different kinds of data entry jobs are as follows:

  1. Plain data entry job:

The job description is pretty straightforward. You simply have to type in a word document or a notepad file. The documents are in English and it could be in the form of Images, books, and other documents. You need to have a good typing speed (at least 30WPM). Each document must usually be submitted within a deadline with very little errors. Companies sometimes provide software of their own and it is different with different companies.

  1. Captcha Entry:

Captcha entry is quite simple where you have to make out the characters in an image. Many websites require you to enter the correct captcha to determine whether you are human or a robot. These captchas are readable by only humans. Many companies create several accounts on different websites and have to enter a captcha to gain access to that site.

By working as a captcha entry worker, you help these companies to create accounts on a ton of websites. The pay is usually 100Rs. for every 1000 captchas but it varies from company to company with some even offering a better pay.

  1. Filling Survey forms:

Filling survey forms is another way to make easy money. Many companies require the valuable feedback from the people before they release a new product or design.

These companies subcontract the feedback form-filling to market-research companies. You can register yourself with one of these companies and fill the forms with your feedback. You get paid for every survey form you complete.


  1. Form filling:

Form filling jobs require you to fill long forms with information. You are provided with forms and data separately. You must carefully cross-examine each field and correctly enter the data in the respective field.

Completing each form may take 3-5 minutes and you can get paid 10-50 Rupees per form depending on the company. You cannot blindly copy and paste as you have to match items correctly. It’s a bit complex than simple data entry.

  1. Conversion from Image to text:

It is one of the most popular jobs in the data entry market. You simply have to take the text in the .jpg file and write in an MS – Word document. This job is immensely popular among companies and you can start working without any investment.

  1. Formatting of data & Correction:

This job requires you to format a text document. This could be to edit or correct any grammatical errors. You are assumed to have a strong command over the English language, to be able to do this job.


  1. Medical Transcriptionist:

This job requires you to copy long, foreign words of text from an image into a text document. Most of the words are medical terms which you mightn’t have heard before. These jobs provide very good pay but they demand a staggering accuracy of 99.9%.

  1. Convert audio to text:

In this job, you are required to hear an audio file and reproduce its contents in a text document. You need to have excellent listening skills and a good hold over the English language.

The aforementioned are just some of the work from home data entry jobs available on the internet. Simply surfing the internet will help you get any one of these jobs. Data entry is an easy way to make additional money with very little effort.

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