Why Kayla Itsines bikini body weight loss program is must for ladies

I am a 40 year old housewife who has always believed in making healthy living a lifestyle. Several books, videos and other training eBooks are flooded over the internet but very few matches that of Kayla. So, I decided to share my experiences with you readers.

Before reading any of the Kayla Itsines Reviews, make sure that once you opt for it, then follow it. No miraculous way is there ever to help you gain the body you dream for. It’s a commitment and dedication that does the miracles. So, once you get this program, follow it strictly to get the results.

The BBG (bikini body guide), as it is known, is a 12 week workout plan. It tells you about the right methods of cardio along with the heavy workout plan for 3 days a week. These heavy workouts are planned for different levels or different weeks differently. Instead, of straight away jumping to the implementation, take out time to read the complete book first to avoid any mistakes due to over confidence.IMG_20140702_185141 Equipment needed are simple, two benches or steps, two dumbbells (3-5 kg), jump rope and bosu ball. All workouts can be easily done at home. Week 1-4 is a step by step guide to increase your strength. Don’t skip it or you will find the later weeks’ exercises tougher than you expect. Week 5-8 is when the hard part starts along with the increased cardio rounds. However, you must be strong enough to follow all after the first four week exercises. Week 9-12 is the hardest part but includes the fun base ball as well. Moreover, Kayla has instructed the exercises in such a motivational way that you will always be looking forward to the next week as you increase your endurance.IP_086-2015.02.13-1DX_9884-e1427845186267

The other part of the program, as mentioned in Kayla Itsines Reviews is the fitness diet plan which is equally fantastic. The recipes told make your healthy food so delicious that you would want to eat much more than what is instructed in the program. Moreover, the ways to eat healthy is absolutely a marvelous approach to provide you the maximum of what you intake. This eating guide is what I recommend to use for your lifetime for a healthy, tasty living.

To summarize, the Kayla Bikini Body Weight Loss Program is a must for all the ladies who want a bull’s eye approach to their goals of fitness. The results may vary from person to person as each body type is different and shows different results but I am sure that the program will help you to reach your goals in a more appropriate and easier way than other guides. Also, the motivation levels will always be high while reading every page of it, such wonderfully it is written. I have changed a lot physically since last three months and now I am stronger with flat abs, strong thighs and toned arms. I am yet to reach my goals but my progress over the past three months have assured me of the results I look forward to. Go for it, it’s a huge value for the little money you will spend.

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