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No matter what your age, whether you are a toddler or whether you are adults, age makes no difference when we have unblocked games beast. It is a site encompassing all other unblocked games sites and contains free online games of all genres and for all genders. You get a variety of sports games and zombie games and shooting games online for free in this site. Nowadays, we see that the most popular games played by almost everyone are shooting games. All you have to do is go to the unblocked games website and browse for your favorite game and jump right into it without any further ado. There is no need to create an account or long ‘register to play’ forms to fill to play.  A few games of the action genre are listed below:



One of the most popular games in this site is undead highway.Personally, it’s one of my favorite. This game comes in the action games section. As you can guess it’s a nerve-wracking high adrenaline game. The game starts with a set of instructions on game controls. Or if you want, you can directly click the play button to start playing the game. The game is pretty straight forward- kill the zombies before they kill you. But ah! You guessed it. There’s a catch. You have to keep killing zombies until you obtain a key item which will take you to the next page. Each zombie leaves behind some treasure mostly its bullets or marbles. Until you obtain the specific item you will remain in the same zone. It’s a pretty simple but fun game and gets more and more difficult as you move to new levels.


Another fun game in this section is champion archer which deals with archery (no surprises there). This game is a perfect way to pass time and is perfect for kids. The game is about shooting at the enemy with arrows. If the enemy kill our soldiers they can come close enough to kill us and then we will lose.


Here is a cute and simple game perfect for preschoolers or tiny tots to get their hand and eye coordination started with this fun game-City siege. This game is about clearing your levels and taking out the ‘baddies’ or enemy with bullets in city without risking the lives of civilians. It has a few shades of Mario when you try to collect gold coins and avoiding the civilians and the baddies. Go crazy with this game your kids are bound to love.



This is the game where ‘don’t play at night’ warning signs should be posted all over. Yup, teens and adults, you got to face aliens in this game and try not to scream when they come at you with blinding speed. Welcome to Doom-1. This is a mature game and contains graphic violence. You can choose a level you are comfortable with first and then go on challenging  your nerves level by level.

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