Things You Must Know About Happy Wheels Game

Happy Wheels is the most fun filled, addictive game today that is enjoyed by people of all age groups. This game is no longer considered to be the average browser flash game; instead it has become the community driven slice of internet culture. Happy Wheels Game is mainly popular for its addictive features. The two most crucial things about this game are – the ludicrous obstacle courses and the constant damage system. The obstacle courses in the game blend some of the racer and puzzle elements with the conventional platform gaming. The damage system of the game makes Happy Wheels unique and distinct from other mobile games. However, the injuries that racer experiences are what make this game more addictive for the gamers.  HappyWheels

Not For Kids

For many, Happy Wheels Game looks familiar and friendly to play where they simply need to guide their racer from point A to point B on Segway with puzzles and obstacles on the way. But, this is not the case as the game comprises some of the dismemberment and gruesome death of the racer. Many gamers usually find it funny and amusing way to lose games that offer frustratingly harder levels to pass, but you must understand the fact that this game is not meant for young kids. Happy Wheels is rated 12+ for:

  • Intense profanity and crude humor
  • Realistic violence
  • Intense fantasy violence and more

Make Your Own Happy Wheels Levelshappy_wheels_irresponsible_dad_by_nikiball1-d5smvwm

The game comprises a menu from where gamers can generate their own level of the game which they can share with other in their community. This will help the players to create terror filled levels with a variety of options for other characters and they may also include other obstacles and guns in the levels.

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