The Pros And Cons Of Lol Smurf Accounts

There have been a number of new apps that are now being created because of the quick development of technology. From productivity to lifestyle apps, people are able to install apps and widgets that will be deemed useful for their work or lifestyle. Not only are there apps that continue to help improve life, but there are games that are used for entertainment purposes as well! With millions of people wanting a way to relax and spend time, these games are the best to relieve the stress anytime, anywhere.

League of Legends

Strategy games such as League of Legends have become very popular as a mode of entertainment, with people becoming addicted to the endless battles and level ups. A highly competitive game on an online platform, you are able to play anytime and anywhere, with any player around the world, so long as you have the device and stable Internet connection for it! You get to battle with millions of players around the world in real time, even creating new relationships and friends along the way.


Exchange tips, form teams, share stories, battle the stress out and put your strategy skills to the test, it doesn’t matter. You get to utilize the game, and the best part of it all: It’s free!

Pros and Cons of Smurf Accounts

When you reach a certain level into the game, you are able to create a new account for yourself to use for whatever. These are called smurf accounts. They are your basic newly created accounts that fall under your main account, and have various uses you can benefit from. Here are the pros and cons of smurf accounts existing in League of Legends:


  • You are able to use a smurf account to practice your strategic sckills and battle with newbies easily.
  • You can have fun without having to go through intense battles as compared to fighting at a higher level
  • You have a backup of your account in case your main one gets hacked or banned
  • You can create a bit of money and actually sell your account, or trade it with items you need for your game.


  • The sad part about people who use smurf accounts is the fact that they end up trolling others, with newbies ending up frustrated and losing battles


Where to Get Smurf Accounts

There are various ways as to how you will be able to get your own smurf account:

  • Simply do it the natural way and compete until you reach Level 30 and are eligible to get a smurf account for yourself.
  • Purchase a Smurf account from other players online, paying through online modes of payment, or even bartering and trading with items you have and they need. You can sea
  • You may end up getting it for free from friendly players willing to give it away.

If you a lol smurf account buy it online if you would rather not want to go through the whole leveling up and competing phase.

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