The Modern Way Of Sanitizing The Edible Items

In today’s modern world we need everything modern. We buy fruits and vegetables from the market, it contains chemicals which need to be removed before consuming that product so we wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly. But have you ever thought if this washing is enough to sanitize your food or not?

First let us understand about ozone. When an oxygen molecule readily combines with one more oxygen atom it becomes a trivalent molecule called ozone. This ozone forms a trivalent molecule which is unstable in nature due to the extra oxygen atom and it readily decomposes into one oxygen atom and an oxygen molecule. Ozone destroys the body of microorganisms readily when it comes in contact with them. This process is 3000 times faster than chlorine and it even has no side effects on the edible item you are ozonating.


Ozone has many uses and it is one of its own kind. Nowadays the most prominent use is in the purification of water and in the industries for the treatment of liquid waste. When something has so many advantages, on the other hand it will surely have some disadvantages too. If we have a long term exposure to ozone it can cause adverse effects on our body like lung inflammation and other loss of lung functions.

Let us talk about an ozonator. It is a device which produces little amount of ozone. It is connected at the end of a hose and inserted in the water or oil. Ozonator will produce ozone and this will come in contact with the microorganism or the bacteria present in them. Due to the action of ozone it will destroy the bacteria present. Now there are many pros and cons of drinking ozonated water. It contains 3 oxygen atoms which is one additional so it increases the oxygen amount in the brain and boosts immunity.

It has the potential to break some of the cancer cells in the food. As it destroys the cell of microorganism or bacteria same effect it can have on our body too by destroying some of our cells. The oxidants in ozone can cause some diseases in our body. Ozone has an acidifying nature so in order to maintain the pH of blood, it puts more demand on the body to pull bicarbonates which are basic in nature from the body. As discussed earlier ozone can cause lung irritation and extinguishes lung tissues.


Some experts are of the opinion that ozonated water which contains ozone does not damage healthy cells of our body due to cells’ self-protective mechanisms. On the other hand others argue that even though ozone is an oxidant, it has a neutralizing effect on other free radicals in the body. In other words, if it neutralizes free radicals it would basically help in the healing process and reduce inflammation.

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