The Dos And Dont’s Of Web Designing

There are certain basic elements of web design that must be followed to the T in order to get a visually appealing and attractive website. Besides the basic elements, there are also certain other factors that are specifically considered by the web design firms at the time of designing a website. Such factors are responsible for making a website user friendly and also give the users a unique and satisfying web experience.

Factors responsible for making a website User friendly

Following are some of the factors that must be considered at the time of creating a website-

  • They should aim at swift navigation

The navigation around the site should be made easy and smooth for the user. The information that the user is looking for should be easy to locate and use. The menus, navigation tools and the complete architecture of the site should be created considering the importance of easy navigation.


  • An effective use of multimedia must be made

There have been various researches and studies around that have already proved the fact that pictorial information is easy to perceive, understand, is attractive and stays longer in our minds. The same holds true with the websites. Use of relevant audios and videos together with the text helps the users to have a deeper understanding of the subject quickly. This definitely makes the user more interested in the webpage and he tends to spend more time on it.

  • Web pages should be high in compatibility


All the hard work and effort routed in designing a website goes down the waste if the web pages are not made compatible. They must be designed in such a way that they can perform efficiently on all kinds of browsers and operating systems. The success of a website is clearly based on its successful viewing after all!

  • The Technology used should be regularly updated

With the constant advancement in technology, it is extremely important that it reflects in the websites too. To make sure that the website is always updated, dynamic, professional and advanced, the web designers must use the technological freedom to add innovation to their work.

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