Test Your Team Building Skills In An Escape Room!

When it comes to being with a group of friends, whether it’s in the office or school, then you’ll definitely have the time of your life when hanging out! Going to the mall, movie nights at one’s place, eating out… You will all be able to find something to enjoy and entertain yourselves with. It’s really great having a group of friends to hone your relationships and social skills with. But sometimes, you may end up running out of things to do! While you can search online for what to do during a boring day, you can try honing your team building skills and joining an escape room.

What Is An Escape Room?

An escape room is a unique way to test your imagination and logic skills with a group of people. You will be stuck in one room with a bunch of clues surrounding you that will help you escape. The goal here is to get out of the room before time runs out! It’s a fun and exhilarating game that family or friends of all ages will get to enjoy. And, it’s also a great team building activity for the office or school, where they will be able to work as a group and set aside differences in order to become one team.

Group of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle

Tips For Escape Room

Here are some tips you should follow if you happen to join an escape room with a group of family, friends, or colleagues:

  1. Since it is a team building activity, try your best to sensibly participate and suggest ways on how to escape. Put all your thinking caps to the test!
  2. Don’t just stand there and look around! You’ll be able to find clues not only in paper form, but through some of the items you see in the room.
  3. Communicate with your team and don’t just ignore what they say. When they suggest something, either follow it or search for more clues. Listen and take in all suggestions.
  4. Lead your group! The problem with most escape room activities is that there is no main leader and everyone is acting on their own. So if you cannot assign a leader, volunteer to be one! But also be a follower and take in what your followers say as well.
  5. Do not be pressured. While there is a time limit, don’t let that hinder you from thinking straight. Be calm and don’t mind the time. That way, you will all be able to concentrate on getting out in time.


In Conclusion

An escape room is one of the coolest and most unique team building activities everyone will have fun with. You can find escape rooms around your town, or you can even create one of your own for your friends to try out. Searching online will have you be able to find the nearest escape room, or you can also search for tips and tutorials on how to create your own. Have fun and get out of the room in time through proper communication and team building skills!

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