Singapore’s Happening New Condominium

Singapore has already gained its reputation as one of the most developed cities. With high rises and skyscrapers kissing the sky and the entire outline of the city outlined by numerous high rises, Singapore has its own beauty. As the population increases, so is the demand for good residential places. That’s why CDL,Hong Leong Holdings,TID conglomeration has brought a new condominium residential complex at a prime location. It is coming up at Lorong Lew Lian in Serangoon estate which is an extremely classy and posh district. With all the amenities in close proximity, this condominium has already created a lot of buzz since its inception. With the concept of nuclear family and independent living already setting in, condominium seems to be the perfect option. So what is basically a condominium?AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUyAAAAJGNmMWEwZGVkLWUyNjEtNDU5YS04MDdkLWQzZjI3YjlkM2EwYw Basically a condominium is a place which is owned individually with a common space which is owned collectively by different condo owners under a single umbrella or association. Apartment is something which is owned by a single owner or sometimes by the corporation or leased out to a common occupant. So the difference between an apartment and a condominium lies in the format of ownership. Incase of condominium ownership does not lie with a single person. So collective decision, repairing work, fixation and up-gradation are done collectively. Responsibilities get distributed and so the workload and concern on a single person reduces. That is not the case with an apartment where the entire onus about the place lies with a single person. The owner needs to decide everything and take all the responsibilities. But there is a bright side to owning an apartment over a condominium. As the decision is taken by a single person you have the freedom to decide freely and go ahead with your plan according to your comfort. In condominium you have to let everyone participate, which some time may lead to conflicting decisions and thoughts. Arriving at a decision may be delayed as you have to take in consideration the thoughts and views of all the stakeholders.cam00227-e1413532222681

Forest wood condo is coming up on a land which has a 99 years old lease. It spreads over a site area of 150,700 sqft and gross floor area which can be extended up to 452,138 sq ft. All total 519 units are coming up and you will have this condominium surrounded by the ambience of a business district. It has got all the facilities like school, shopping centers, malls, hospital and all the facilities that every common man needs in and around the condominium.

So what really makes this condominium a sought after one? The main advantage of this condominium is its location. It is close to the MRT station and busy roads such as Upper Serangoon Road, Upper PayaLebar Road, Boundary Roads, Central Expressways and PAN Island Expressway. Shopping malls which remain open 24hours which offers grocery store,multiplex,indoor games centre and recreation clubs – you name it and you have it in your immediate neighborhood. The area owns some of the most reputed schools and educational institutions. As this place is near the central business district, business opportunities and jobs are abundant.

This condominium Forest Wood for Lew Lang is being conceptualized by a consortium comprising of City Developments (CDL) unit Verwood Holding, Intrepid Investments and TID Residential. Their reputation in the market is very promising and they are generating a lot of trust among potent buyers. As the condominium is still in the process of building, so few amenities and details about the project is yet to be fixed. So incase you require additional information you can definitely register in their site and they will revert back to you at once.

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