Show Box User Interface And Its Working

Show box is one of most popular video streaming app in the android world. The main feature is we can watch even high resolution movies online absolutely for free which makes it one of the top apps. Show box consists of a large collection of movies and serials and are constantly updating. You can very quickly move between TV shows and movies and then sort between different categories, year, date, and other categories of filters which includes both show box ratings and IMDB ratings. When you ask for the content you want it loads up immediately without any lag and loading problem which may cause other online streaming, which makes it stand tall in the market. Show box app includes both new and old movies and you can search quickly for whichever movie you want.


Show box mainly consists of two sections. They are movie section and TV shows section. In movies sections show box consists of huge number of collection of movies with different categories based on your interest and TV show section also includes different sections with the collection of enormous number of TV shows. When you find the TV show you would like to watch, you just tap on the show and it will display another page then you select for the season you want and tap on the episode you want to see and enjoy the buffer free streaming online without any loading effects. You can also select the resolution you want based on your surfing speed. The other feature is you can not only watch online streaming but also download it to watch later.

People are always looking for best quality streaming with high picture resolution and with best sound quality. You can select between the 360p, 480p, 720p and choosing them is also easy as it is available at just one tap.

Show box user interface:

Now let us see how show box works and android interface for the user. In showbox the page is shown vertically but the TV shows and movies are played horizontally in the full screen mode. When you go through the app for the first time without asking any registration details it will directly take you to the movie page. Menu button is displayed at the top the screen which shows option button, movie title and the search button. If you tap the menu button you can find the options to go through different categories menu. Then you will find 5 different divisions; they are movies section, download section, TV show section, favourite section, and update section.


When you tap on the movie section you will see many different movies with unlimited scrolling. By default you will be shown with most popular and best rated movies. You can select either downloading or streaming just by tapping the option you want.  If you are looking for a movie you want, just click on the search bar and type the name of the movie. TV show section is almost same as the movie section. The only difference is when you click on the show you want then you have to select the season and episode number. The bookmark tool called favourite menu is used to add your favourite movies to this book by clicking on the star mark when you are watching the corresponding movie or TV serial so that you can access them very quickly. In download section you can see all your downloaded movies and currently downloading movies and TV serial content. At last, in the update option it will show all the updates of the TV shows and movies which had been added recently. If you put any TV shows in your favourite list the updated shows will appear in the new tab.

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