Shortcuts To Activate Your Windows 7

Windows has been the undisputed leader of the operating system market. Though new players have emerged but no one can stop windows. It’s popular, it’s user friendly and it’s from a trusted company. Starting from early 90s windows has travelled a lot in producing one of the best operating systems. They started with the antiquated 95 then slowly upgraded to Windows 98. Then came a revolution in the form of Windows XP which totally grabbed the tempo of the market in no time. With graphics filled display and excellent processing speed, Windows XP slowly became the talk of the time. Starting from professional to home versions, Windows XP didn’t disappoint at all and they made windows indispensable. After windows XP held users, then came windows 7.


Though initially many users totally slashed Windows 7 compared to the Windows XP, but it still managed to create some popularity for itself. Windows 7 became popular slowly. But all cannot afford the premium full version of windows 7. And this may cause some problem as they are barred from performing authentication activities and updates. So how to make your windows 7 licensed is the topic of discussion.

If you use a demo or pirated version of windows 7 you are unlikely to have an activation key. This particular key is only provided by the original premium version of windows 7. So you require Windows 7 loader to activator it. This particular activator will help you turn your windows 7 into a licensed version which will be approved by Microsoft. Don’t worry, this procedure is absolutely safe and legal and approved by Microsoft.

This windows 7 loader download procedure is listed below and how to install it can be figured out. This loader will be able to activate any version of windows 7.


  1. Unpack the archive which will contain the procedure. This archive requires password to open and the password is ‘windows’.
  2. After you have unpacked it, run the program as an administrator just like the same way you have installed windows.
  3. Click on the install button. It will take sometime to install and wait till the end. After the process is completed you can restart your computer.

After the computer reopens check your version of Windows 7. It will be a licensed version and you will have all the amenities that comes with it.

Please make sure that you follow correct windows 7 loader download procedure and download it from trusted sites.

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