Sainsbury’s Bank Offers Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Sainsbury’s started off in UK as a supermarket chain, but they have expanded the business towards banking long ago. Ever since the banking service has started, they have been able to attract customers with great offers. Most of these offers are especially affiliated with shopping at Sainsbury’s supermarket chain, thus people are truly interested in the Sainsbury’s Bank offerings. The bank has three different types of credit cards under their current product lineup, and the Balance Transfer Credit Card is a unique card that’s used to transfer credit card balance. Not many provide a card like this, so far.

Why Get a Balance Transfer Credit Card?


Many people wouldn’t get the idea, why transferring the balance on a credit card would be necessary since paying the bill in the end needs to happen. Well, apparently the interest on credit card balance vary with different banks, and the Sainsbury’s Bank balance transfer credit card come with some excellent offering.

  • 0% interest on credit card balance transfers is offered for the first 40 months, if someone applies for a credit card by this 21st
  • For the first 3 months, the transfer fee percentage is only 2.89% while it’s 3% in regular cases.
  • For new cards, there will not be any purchases for the first 3 months, afterwards there will be some.
  • For the balance transfer credit cards from Sainsbury’s Bank, there’s no annual fee.
  • The APR for these credit cards is 18.9%, with an assumed credit limit of 1,200 GBP.


The balance transfer credit cards from Sainsbury’s Bank are eligible of receiving some awards. The most remarkable ones are –

  • New card holders will get 5,000 Nectar points for spending 800 pounds, however the purchases has to be done at Sainsbury’s shopping chains or fuel stations. This reward would be valid for the first 3 months only.
  • According to the Nectar point strategy, a credit card holder would earn 2 Nectar points for each 1 pound at Sainsbury’s, and 1 Nectar point for 5 pounds spent at other marketplaces.


Eligibility of Application

Anyone can apply for a credit card from Sainsbury’s Bank, however few conditions has to be met –

  • Should be a UK resident with a permanent address.
  • 18 years and above.
  • Should not have any declined credit card, or any history of bad credit with any other bank.Etc.


Apparently the offers with Sainsbury’s Bank balance transfer credit cards are very impressive, and quite uncommon from the mass.

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