Pokemon Go Tips and Reminders

With the rise in popularity of Pokémon Go it is undeniable that you too would be curious about the game. There are some who have never played the Pokémon game before and found Pokémon Go to be rather exciting. This game features an interesting capability called augmented reality where players witness an overlay of the game and the player’s current location through the use of the phone’s camera. Whether you are an avid fan or someone new to the Pokémon world, I’m sure you would be interested to learn some Pokémon Go tips. Tips that will help you become the Pokémaster you want to be and catching all the Pokémons you can.hqdefault

Evolving Made Simple

One of the particularly important task a player has to accomplish while playing the game is to evolve the Pokémons caught. Now this is not an easy task. You will have to have a certain amount of candies to be able to evolve one. Each Pokémon has a certain amount of candies required to do so. A player is able to earn candies by capturing a Pokémon. It won’t do however to just capture any Pokémon you happen to find. There must be a plan to it because if you just capture and collect a hodge podge of Pokémons you’ll find yourself with varying candies but never with the enough number to evolve any Pokémon in your Pokédex. So it would be best to pick a specific Pokémon to evolve and capture the same type to earn the amount of candies required for it to evolve. This will make your life easier when it comes to evolving a Pokémon.image_20160714_201343_491

Keep Your Phone Ready

Another Pokemon Go tip to remember is that since it is the game takes into account the geographical location of a player and the number of steps one has taken when it comes to hatching eggs etc. A player would be force to keep the game on at all times. Now the game definitely takes a toll on the battery life of your phone. So if you want to stay ahead in the game you might want to invest in a power bank or to bring along your charger wherever you may be. After all, you never know where you’ll find a wild or rare Pokémon lurking around. It’s always better when you are ready and well prepared. This is probably why there have been crowds of people going from place to another eagerly searching for the next Pokémon to catch.

Pokémon Go has proven itself to be the game to watch. One can easily download the application on your smart phone and start playing the game. There are more Pokémon Go tips out there for you to discover as this is just the tip of the ice berg. It is important to remember, however, that the game maybe super fun to play it is also good to remember to be careful too. Keep this in mind and good luck catching Pokémons.

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