Owcp Medical Aid

If you are someone who is employed you are probably interested in learning more about the benefits that comes with the employment. Typically people are given financial, medical and sometimes even educational benefits when they become part of the company. But did you know you also are provided with benefits or is covered by the Department of Labor. Medical benefits are one of the most sought after benefits as medical treatment and doctor consultation are quite pricey. Thankfully you can check with the Office of Workers Compensation Program (OWCP) to check if they can assist you. The TX OWCP doctor, if you are in Texas for example, can help you determine whether you can receive medical compensation. There are other OWCP doctors you could go to at different states so you don’t have to worry about your location.

Employee Program Categories

First of all, the OWCP covers four types of workers. These are energy employees, federal employees, long shore and harbor workers and coal mine workers. The OWCP has developed specific programs for each type of workers. Each has their own regulation and statutes and aim to financially help workers who experience workplace injury. So depending on which type you belong to you can look up what sort of coverage or assistance can they receive.


Medical Report And Incident Report

One thing in common for the four types of programs is that each claim has to come with a doctor’s assessment or medical report as well as supporting documents from the employer as well. It has to be proven that the claimant did sustain an injury and that the injury was incurred from the workplace. It does not only cover injuries but even diseases obtained from the workplace. If there are discrepancies with the proof given then the claim will most likely be denied. For example, this can happen when the medical report states that the injury or disease was obtained through a different circumstance to what is reported by the employer regarding the workplace incident. The diagnosis should be connected to the incident event or claimed work duties.

Aid In Getting Rehabilitation


The OWCP works with local physicians and both private and public agencies that provides programs for rehabilitation. It helps ensure that the worker or employee receives the proper rehabilitation program they need that will aid them to return to their work. The OWCP rehabilitation program also helps ensures that the employees have a chance to be reemployed by their previous employer or they are able to get work at a place that does not place them at a disadvantage with non-disabled employees.

Should you find yourself in an unfortunate situation and sustained an injury from it or if your workplace has caused you to get sick with a disease rest assured that the department of labor has programs to help. This is most especially true if you are a laborer for the energy industry, a federal worker, a longshore or harbor worker or a coal mine worker there are programs under the OWCP that can help you with medical needs.

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