MEDITATION: Cure To Wandering Mind

Meditation is a practice where an individual used variety of techniques to bring his/her mind to peace and build internal energy or life force .

The word Meditation is derived from latin meditation where , meditari means ” to think , devise , ponder .” The basic form of meditation involves an internal effort to regulate the mind .

Meditation has various benefits

  •  Helps cure depression
  • Eases high blood pressure problem
  • Helps in anxiety
  • Improves immune system
  • It helps you attain inner source of energy and thus increases the energy levels
  • Improves mood and behaviour by increasing serotonin production
  • Helps in curing tension
  • Helps in case of headaches


There are various types or methods of meditation:


Single point focus is the process involved in this type of meditation techniques. This includes watching you own breath, repeating mantras or a single word , staring at a candle flame , listening to a repetitive song/ sounds/ gong .


This type of technique requires the practitioner to observe thoughts present in the mind. It helps you know about your thoughts. The intention behind it is about being aware of your one’s own thoughts as they arise and not getting involved with the thoughts.


This technique does not require the practitioner to monitor aspects of experiences without attachments. Nothing in particular is focused upon in particular and both internal and external perceptions are recognised for what they actually are .


This technique is taught by paid licenced instructors. A mantra is used and practised for around 15-20  minutes everyday twice (sitting with one eye closed )  . The mantra is totally based on the practitioner’s age and gender.


This type of meditation is also known as ajna chakra . Third eye meditation involves focusing on the spot between the eyebrows. This can be done physically too by looking with eyes closed towards the spot . This a means to silence the mind .

A few points to keep in mind when you decide to meditate:


Do not get into depth about how to meditate and it’s different methods and it will leave you confused .

Do not try to get it all perfect . It will take time . Don’t worry about doing it wrong .

Analysis is very important. Check your thoughts and how you feel . This will boost up your confidence and you end up loving the process of bringing mind to peace .

Do it anywhere ! Your office, home , park – wherever you want to .

Bring your mind back when you notice it wandering into the thoughts.

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