Lie Detector Tests Unraveled!

As the statue of Lady Justice towers above us with a blindfold, we all take for granted the importance of law in our lives. While most of us abide by the law which maintains the sanctity of justice in our society, there are many who decide to take the law into their own hands. Crimes are on the rise and if left unchecked, it can lead to the annihilation of the entire human race. For this very purpose, we have law enforcement squads in the form of police departments and highly specialized investigation teams which ensure that justice prevails. With the influx of technology, newer and more efficient techniques have been devised to nab criminals red-handed. Not all crimes lead to a clean conviction in the court and sometimes, it can be quite a task to get a confession out of a criminal. Even witnesses sometimes fear letting out the truth and this becomes a hurdle on the path to obtain justice. But science and technology have always been mankind’s biggest boon and a strong piece of evidence which supports that statement are lie detector tests!


Lie detector tests are an ingenious technique where an amalgamation of questioning and technology is used to decipher the truth. The most widely used technology for this purpose is polygraph which basically monitors every body function controlled by the mind like heart rate, blood pressure, muscle movement, capillary dilation and so on. A person stating the truth will have a set of reactions distinctly different from a person adopting falsehood. However, the accuracy of this technique is largely dependent on the questions asked. Besides, the system can be hoodwinked easily if the person chooses to consume sedatives to reduce anxiety or perspiration levels.

There is another technique called electroencephalography or EEG, which gauges responses of the brain. Deception is identified by showing images to the subject while also asking questions. Some other methods involve eye tracking and voice stress analysis. Eye tracking opts for analyzing responses shown by the eyes, like pupil dilation, response time, etc. while voice tracking utilizes computers to measure pitch, frequency and other parameters. It is strongly believed by experts that lying involuntarily causes the vocal cords to produce a distorted sound wave, which forms the basis for this type of analysis. A variety of drugs are also administered to differentiate between lies and the truth.


Lie detection is not limited just to the law enforcement teams. One can always seek out such services for personal reasons as well. One such agency is London Polygraph, whose track record is mighty impressive. Their website is and they specialize in the accurate usage of a polygraph to dig out the truth among a heap of conjecture. They are not only affordable but also use ethical means and are one of the most trusted professionals in this area. While a human can misinterpret physiological reactions of a fellow human being, a polygraph seldom falters. With top notch polygraph experts handling the business, one can comfortably hand over the reins to the professionals and watch the truth unfold before their eyes!

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