Have Unlimited Chat Fun With Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is an online chatting platform which lets you to connect and chat with your near and dear ones. It is available on iOS, Android and windows operating systems. Its development is seen as an inspiration from BBM (Blackberry messenger). Kik is famous for providing anonymity to its users. To use the amazing features that this app offers, you just have to sign up first with a unique username and then login at the Kik login window.

kik_messengerThe chat application was founded by a group of students from the University of Waterloo with an aim of shifting the center of chatting and computing from PCs to mobiles or smart phones as we call them today. It is supported by a brand name – VC’s. Yes, you got it right – The same firms that first helped Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare and others to rise and become what they have become today. Kik has usernames as the basis of its accounts and not phone numbers like other platforms. It lets the users to exchange any content like pictures, videos; audios etc. and enjoy the chat to its full extent. It has about three hundred million users till date.


Since the real names of the users are not displayed through Kik because it allows you to pick any username of your own choice, it has been quite controversial. It has attracted children and teenagers to send offensive content and indulge in offensive activities with strangers. Also, child exploitation and harassment has been an issue of great concern. This has also caused several authorities and social media platforms to express their concern over the issue. However, to overcome this problem of child exploitation, the company has adopted a strategy which automatically detects deletes and also reports the content related to it. Considering the potential threats of anonymity that the application provides, parents should be concerned about their children who use Kik.


However, the feature of maintaining anonymity of the users is the main allure if the Kik messenger. Few researchers have mentioned that it is a rough environment to be used and especially for minors. We all know that the app has weak parental control features so parents have to be alert on their own part to avoid any mishaps and unwanted accidents. After all, it is better to be sure that your near and dear ones remain “in the know” and hence safe and protected.

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