Find Out The Best Android Based Running Apps

Running is the most effective and good method for burning the extra calories and fat, lightening up the mood and strengthen the core muscles. However, a few years back people usually don’t bothered for how long they are running, track their distance, pace and heartbeat. Things have changed in this technologically advanced world as runners can now measure all of these and also do a lot more with their fingertips and all these have been made possible with the Running Apps for Android Smartphone.

Right from tracking the distance, heartbeat to tuning the workout session in a enjoyable adventure, the running application for Android devices has been masterly designed to make you a lean machine, whilst taking out the boredom from running habit. There are more than hundreds of running apps for Android available out there which you can find at RunningLikeAPro website.



This is the most advanced running app for android devices. Runtastic is a full featured and functional application for cardio training and Run Keepers. This running application has been designed to focus solely on cardio exercises like hiking, biking, walking, jogging and running. The interface of the application is very easy to understand and comes with mapping feature that offer accurate mapping while running.

Run Star

This is another popular and best running app for android devices. This application is basically designed for passionate runners who simply want to track their running and record their runs. But, according to the developer of this application, Run Star will be soon upgraded with features that will not track the runs, but also allow the runners to set options like Distance Run, Time Run and Pace Run.


Run Keeper

This is also the popular and widely installed running based Android Application. Though this application doesn’t have the customization options, but it is considered to be the master of social bet working. This application is best for those runners that are a part of any running or fitness group that make use of social networks like Facebook or Twitter because this app allows them to share their records and compete against other members in the group. The mapping feature of the application is perfect as it allows you to view the map anytime during your workout.

These were some of the running apps for Android devices that you are worth considering. You can also check for other options available at the website of RunningLikeAPro.

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