Fallout Shelter Tips, Tricks & Strategies


Fallout Shelter is developed by Bethesda Game studios & is a free to play mobile simulation video game. It was released on 14 June 2015 for iOS devices & on 13 August 2015 for Android devices. Fallout shelter received positive reviews upon its release. It has single player mode.Here are the few fallout shelter tips

Fallout shelter tips to build bigger shelter, attract dwellers & prepare for raiders

  • Build with purpose: Building two rooms next to each other they join offers better performance. Adding rooms requires extra electricity output.
  • Place dwellers in right rooms: By placing dwellers in right room boosts production & keep them happy. Dwellers can also be dragged from room to room to see where they fit best.
  • Upgrade room: To increase output & storage, upgrade rooms. In some cases, adding second room which combines to make one bigger is a better idea.
  • Keep everyone happy: This increases output & makes the game easier. Place dwellers into job they like, give them breaks in lounges or or place unhappy dweller with one opposite sex.
  • Rush with caution: You’ll see how likely an accident is when you tap on rush. It may lead to Radroaches or fire which can hurt the dweller or hamper production.
  • Equip Dwellers correctly: To increase the power give the dweller a weapon & outfit.
  • Send dwellers exploring: The outcome is favorable & increases happiness, if you can send an explorer with high endurance.
  • Get more Dwellers: Three ways to get dwellers.
  • Invite those who show up randomly at door
  • Put man & woman in living quarters to make them baby
  • Create radio station which call dwellers who hear messages.


  • Build for future: You can build an elevator if more room are not needed to drain electricity. Also clear out rocks that are in way of building areas.
  • Free Caps & Lunchboxes: By playing current objectives you can earn free Caps & Lunchboxes, full of items, gears & resources.
  • Sell items: To build & revive dead players you can sell the items to get caps.

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