Enjoy Movie Streaming From Youtube With The Latest Version Of Movie Tube 4.4


Watching videos or movies in YouTube is one of the biggest craze among most people today. YouTube is the storehouse of billions of videos shared by users all over the world. In YouTube, you can find videos on almost any topic you could think of, with timeranging from seconds to hours.Today watching movies or videos in YouTube has become way easier with the app called Movie Tube.

Movie Tube is one of the top-notch mobile apps that serves your purpose of watching movies and TV shows that are available on YouTube. Developed by Toan Trinh, this app is compatible with all Android phones and also your favourite iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Movie Tube catalogues publicly available streaming videos that are longer than 20 minutes.

Watch movies from You Tube any place, any moment

Offering you an exclusive access to You Tube’s publicly shared movie collection, Movie Tube is certainly one of the easiest ways you might have been trying to figure out, to find your favourite movies on You Tube. It works like an entertainment catalog offering clean categories for you to easily get to the thing you are looking for.

As you launch Movie Tube, you are directed to the page which lists a number of trending movies. The app offers special filters include almost 32 language options, about 16 genres, movie categories, trending videos, recent releases and many more. So you basically need to wish to watch something, and you are highly likely to find it.

Change the default settings by tapping the globe icon. In the pop up box you can see all the language options available for you. You can choose movies by genres or categories by just tapping the category button at the bottom menu bar. Those genres include animation, classics, action, comedy, crime, drama, documentary and many more.

Start watching by simply clicking on the movie thumbnail and click on “Watch Movie” button.

Best Features on Movie Tube

Firstly, Movie Tube lets you watch hundreds of full-length movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, independent film-makers, European movie outfits to name a few. You can stream movies legally to your cell phone because all movies in Movie Tube are publicly available.

You can also go about watching short-films, movie trailers, behind the scenes video, selected movie clips. View the latest updates by going through the Recent Release section. Movie Tube also allows you to find a list of related videos too. It offers an intelligent search feature that learns from your viewing habits that shows up recommendation videos the next time you open the app.

Another striking feature is the Favorites section where you can mark any movie with a star and can watch it later.

Pros and cons of Movie Tube


  • Easy to use with a good layout
  • Offers hundreds of free movies
  • Many language options and genres
  • Movie information page
  • Daily updates for its movie list
  • Recommended and related video list
  • Offer other types of videos including movie trailers, short clips, and many more



  • Some videos may not be suitable for younger audience

Movie Tube is up with its latest version of apk file ‘MovieTube 4.4’. Download it to your Android or iOS and enjoy movie streaming from You Tube in the grip of your hands.

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