Does Your Computer Often Lose Its Phonebook?- Dns Server Is Not Responding!!


Whenever you type in (called as domain name) in your web browser, you find the Google search page. How does that happen? Do you teach your computer to learn alphabets, names, etc? Even if you teach it something of your kind, we believe the PC can understand only 0s and 1s.

So how does it read it as and brings you the right page. The answer comes in with the simple concept of DNS (Domain Name System). While searching for a particular number, you look for your phone book to locate it. Similarly, DNS system acts as the phone directory for your computer. Once you type it as or, DNS automatically resolves them into their corresponding IP address which is well known to any PC thereby providing you the right page to carry on your work. is the basic functionality of the DNS and it works on the client/server architecture. As mentioned above, the user becomes the client and the DNS sever systems form the servers. DNS Servers are registered machines under DNS and they are grouped in a hierarchical way. So there are chances that at times the DNS server may fail to identify the IP address of the given domain name. Hence, it reports an error DNS server not responding or something like that.

To quickly verify this problem, connect another device on your network and check with it. If the same problem occurs then it is time to check the computer or the router. One reliable option is to change the DNS Server address. In this you use an open-source DNS Server rather than the one that is found automatically by your PC.


Next best method is to flush the DNS cache that stores all the details of your browsing. If the problem still exists, try to reset your router as the settings may sometimes get corrupted. If the error still doesn’t say goodbye to you, then the problem must lie with your ISP provider. It is time to contact them and resolve it.

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