Dental Implants – A Modern Day Boon


Losing a tooth can be painful, and not just physically. Emotionally too, they take a toll on a lot of us. It disrupts the entire balance that we have set up in our life, causing problems in our daily activities like speaking and eating. With modern medical techniques reaching new heights with every passing day, dental restoration has resulted in the number of dental extractions decreasing rapidly. Still, there are a lot of people who have to go through life, missing a couple of their natural teeth. If we take the American population of the age bracket 35-44 into consideration, around 70% of them have at least one natural tooth. So, if you can identify your plight with theirs, there’s a very simple solution for you, one that is likely to change your frown into a broad grin.


Have you heard about dental implants? If not, let me explain what they are in actuality. Dental implants are fixtures which are embedded inside your jaw. They serve as a replacement to your natural teeth, as they support any form of prosthetics placed on top of them. That prosthetic can be a fixed denture or a removable one, or even a crown. After the implantation is done, bone formation starts around that area, thus resulting in the firm formation of an artificial tooth which is anchored firmly and is stable.


Just having an implant done is not always a sure shot way to succeed in the process of acquiring an artificial tooth; the process is hugely dependent on how the bone formation occurs around that area. The process, which is called osseointegration depends on the stability of the prosthesis and makes sure that the implant stays in place. Only then will the person attain normal functioning of the newly acquired tooth. So, as you see, the process depends on some integral factors. But on a positive note, the success rate of dental implants over the years has been an encouraging fact, something which has resulted in its popularity. So many people have regained optimal functionality of their teeth that the whole procedure has been more or less a success story.

The primary criterion for thinking about getting a dental implant is of course if you have one or more of your natural teeth missing. Apart from that, you should think about getting one if any of the following conditions apply in your case:

  • You want a durable and most importantly, a long-term replacement for the teeth that you have missing so badly;
  • You are in dire need of restoring your facial structure. Missing teeth can be disastrous in some cases as far as facial esthetics is considered;
  • You want to solve the problem that you have been having while speaking or eating;
  • You have dentures, which are uncomfortable and you are in desperate need of getting rid of them.

If any one of the above conditions holds true in your case, you can seriously think about getting a dental implant done.

Let me give you some more reasons why you should definitely consider getting an implant done, instead of any other prosthetics:

  • They are durable and convenient, definitely more convenient than the uncomfortable dentures you hate so much;
  • Restoration of your facial esthetics and as a result, your graceful smile;
  • No preparation is required before getting an implant done. The natural structure of your teeth is maintained no matter how many implants you get;
  • Any food is okay to be consumed. There’s absolutely no restriction on the kind of food you can consume, unlike dentures which demand a restriction on sticky and hard foods.
  • Improvement of your overall oral hygiene; and
  • Definitely, comfort.

You can seriously consider getting an implant. They are not that expensive either. There are a lot of clinics who offer discount dental implants London in fact, has quite a lot of them. So if you are thinking of restoring that long lost beautiful smile of yours, think no further and go get an implant for yourself. Not only will it restore your facial esthetics, you will also get back your lost confidence and as a result, your happiness.

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