Custom Mx Graphics

Motocross is regarded as the most outstanding sports all around the world. It is considered to be a combination of stamina of a good endurance sport and and the strength with the power and pace of the motorbike. Nowadays, a lot of people are interested in motocross races conducted all over the world. Every individual who owns a dirt bike would love to have custom mx graphics so that he gets a chance to brag and demonstrate his personal skills to everyone.

Even the user can get a Lady Gaga themed bike which is completely custom.

The graphics come in various kinds of shapes, sizes and any combination of colours and we can include our design and text too. Also last minute changes like removal of graphics, change of style can be done.


There are various steps by which the graphics can be installed in the bike.

First of all, one must check the plastics, if they are damaged or modified . Then the old graphics must be removed by hairdryer for easy removal and the surface must be clean.  The next step is to place the decal over the plastic. The process has to be done slowly and steadily so that the work doesn’t end up in a mess. Safety pin is used to pop up any air bubbles that arise due to installation. The excessive sections are cut off using a knife and sharp guns can also be used.

Each custom graphics has its share of own pros and cons. Hence there is an elaborate process for customising the graphics which can be explained below.

The discovery process involves picking up of motorcycle. It can also be karts, ATVs ,snowmobiles or cars. We can even incorporate race rules (race number , style ,etc) into the design. Coming to the customization part, the decals as said earlier come in various shapes and sizes. Each part has a reasonable price tag associated with it . Also companies like Motocal and OMX designs enable the user to upload their designs on their websites so that the designs can be edited at any point of time.

Then there is also a final review of your designs to ensure you are happy with your graphics. We can also specify the quantity per decal and material per decal.


It is best practice to flatten out the decals and store at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours before applying them on the kart, bike or snowmobile . This helps in application process to ensure best results.

A custom work depends on how complex it gets. This doesn’t include simple colour changes or sponsor changes to an existing design. Full custom is starting from scratch and to create something completely unique.

The dirt bike graphic kits created by mx graphic kits are all printed on the premium 16mil high bond material. There is also a critical balance between the functionality and look which is ticked right by few developers only . Hence before customizing the kit, the balance must be achieved for satisfaction of the individual .

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