Best Dating App

Dating is not a big issue now due to the numerous social media websites that are available to us. We can approach so many people as almost everyone is online nowadays. We can start a chat with anyone and if it clicks, then we move the friendship forward. One such app that was created was Tinder and this was created just for the tablets and phones running on Android or iOS. Tinder has become a hit since its release, being ranked in the top 10 apps of the year many times and also winning many other tech awards.



This app was launched in 2012 with the goal of connecting people who are connected and in a relationship. It’s always easier to approach people when you know that they are interested too, so that you don’t end up embarrassing yourself. Tinder links your profile to your Facebook profile so that it fan take your pictures and other information and set up your ID. It uses your social data and mutual friends and location to connect other profiles with yours. You can swipe right or left on these profiles that are linked to you depending if you like the profile or not. If you swipe right then it means that you are impressed with their profile.

You can’t chat with anyone on the app, but can chat someone when both of you all have swiped right for each others profile. Don’t be scared, you can always go back to rejected profiles. Tinder also has a super like option that you can use to show that you are really interested in the person. Tinder is the first app that has the swipe motion in it and since 2014, the app gets at least a billion swipes a day. A paid version of tinder is also available in the market where you get innumerable amount of swipes whereas in the unpaid app there is a restriction on the number of swipes per day.


Tinder has come under a lot of criticism after it’s release as people have said that this app is generally used to meet people to more temporary flings rather than relationships and studies have shown that there has been an increase in the number of STD’s is the region where this app is used vastly. There is also some positive points of this app as users have said that they get to meet people through this app that they never thought that they would meet.

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