All About Vertical Jump Guide

Before we proceed to the results of vert shock let us first understand what it actually is. Vert shock is a vertical jumping training session which aims to increase the vertical jump which is immensely required in basketball, by 9-15 inches. It is a program being designed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington. The program is solely made to increase the vertical jump by 9-15 inches just within 8 weeks. Now this would sound totally absurd since gaining such a massive jump just within 8 weeks is totally weird.  But the players have given it a try since Adam Folker and Justice Darlington are the two famous and renowned players who would have given it a second thought before making such a program and if they have made it then would surely hold some truth in it.


Regarding the vert shock results after analysis of many reviews, majority of the players relating to usage of vert shock program have given it a thumps down since they were being skeptical about the changes what the program promised and that they also had some notions in their minds regarding the product. now after testing and after adhering to the program for 8 weeks they have reached to a conclusion that the program although does not bring a drastic change in their game but has surely brought some advancements. For instance, the intention of only focusing on the vertical jump was not appropriate and in order to basket the ball they would have to adopt other tactics too.


The players understood that they would have to use other tactics such as catching the alley –oops, blocking the shots, running cleverly with the ball etc. after trying the program the players although didn’t get the drastic jump of 15 inches but during the course of the program they got to learn new skills and techniques in order to have an upper hand over the opponent.  The fitness program is designed for pro athlete players but it has worked considerably well over any person of fitness level playing basketball.

So this is one of the major pros of the program. Also the fact that it is being backed by heavy scientific research by some eminent and top players of the game makes the guide worth purchasing. The fitness program given in the book have step by step guidance.

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