A Beginner’s Tip To Horseback Riding

Horse riding is definitely one of the most exhilarating sports in today’s world and something that brings a lot of excitement in us but if not done properly it could turn out to be gruesome and a frightening experience. Therefore you should do some research before you try your hand at such an amazing activity.

Humans and horses have been partners in crime from a very long time. Horses have been signs of royalty and we find so many pictures of past rulers with a royal pose on the back of a horse. Horses used to be the most important animals for the use of men to help them fight wars, pull carriages, etc . Horses used to be domesticated to become strong, fast and reach their peak as fast as possible. Once upon a time a horse was a man’s best friend and rulers used to take great care of their horses appointing trained professionals to groom their horses.

So when did horse riding exactly start ? Well archaeological survey and some diggings have found that human beings started using horses at around 3500 BC as domesticated animals. Pieces of bits (the part of the reign that goes into the mouth of the horse) have been found on the banks of Dnieper and Don river from as long as 3000 BC and chariots have been dugout to as back as 2500 BC.


Horse riding or equestrianism are not easy tasks and may take ages of practice to lead to perfection, but it is definitely to take up as most people start loving it as soon as they start it. It makes people feel truly free and in one with yourself. The rush is completely different, something that everyone definitely needs to experience . There are still some points that you need to keep in mind to have a good time.

The first thing you need to take care of is the equestrian or your teacher who is going to guide you through the steps and lessons. The second thing is your horse. Always go for a older horse as they are the calmer ones and won’t move too much while you mount on them and are much more mature. Another very important thing you need to keep in mind are your clothes. Always wear a helmet. We can’t assure you that your first lesson will be an absolute hit and therefore you should always be ready for calamities .

Prevention is better than cure and a helmet will definitely help you if you happen to fall on the ground. Always wear full sleeve pants as your feet are going to brush against the skin of the horse and maybe even get the stirrup or hooves of the horse. Wear sturdy boots, with 1 inch of heel, to help your foot from sliding around the stirrup . The shoe should be narrow on the top, to fit the stirrup completely so that you don’t hang from it if you happen to fall. Your shoe should be pointing upwards.

Now you need to know how to approach the horse so that your horse doesn’t feel uneasy. Horses are trained to notice and feel every sudden movement around them. They also have 360 degrees of viewing angle. Don’t approach a horse from the back as it will feel uneasy and get scared. You should approach the horse from the front and offer the back of your hand for the horse to smell. Then go and stand to its left. Always stand to it’s left because that’s how horses are trained. You can then start patting the horse under its chin and try to create a report with it.


You can brush it’s skin and try to talk to it. Once the horse is comfortable you can then proceed to ride the horse. First you have to get on the horse and you can do this by resting your arm on one side of the horse while you push yourself up and swing one leg over the body of the horse to another side. If you are not comfortable with this then you can use a stool to mount yourself on your horse.

Once you are up it’s time to get going. You need to first get your form right. Your back and head needs to be straight and your view of the roads needs to be the view in between the ears of the horse. Always remember to hold the reigns upright and you need to move it with the movement of the horse’s head. To signal the horse to move, you need to pull the reigns a bit and push your legs into the horse’s skin a bit. This will alert the horse a bit and it will start moving.

Horse riding is indeed a daring sport but can turn into a passion if you start loving it by doing it properly once. Horses have souls too so treat your horse with respect and treat it as your mate. Animals are supposed to be domesticated, loved and cared for and not just used for convenience. For more information on horse riding you can visit the website www.horse-show-schedules.com. Have a fun time!

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